7 Extremely Funny Facts about Politics


Politics is an emerging industry in the modern civilization. Few are really enthusiasts to enter Politics whereas rest of those who have nothing to do are in the Que. You might have heard hell lot of Jokes on Politics and various serios thoughts as well but this time I am introducing you to some Funny truths about politics that you can really link up with the present situation.

#1. There is no winning or losing in elections. Its just that the party who wins acts as a leading actor whereas those who lose acts as the supporting actors. And as you know every actor gets paid.

#2. Be it any Political Party, the Motive is to give hope & take vote... After elections.. "Abhi to party shuru hui hai"..

#3. Election is just like product selling. No matter if you know anything about politics or not.. just market & promote yourself good and you are going to win.

#4. A Political party is like a Mother to all its Supporters & Members but this mother keeps on adopting others and disowning her own's very frequently.

#5. Like in Business you trade in goods, similarily in politics you trade in Public's emotions & trust. 

#6. Our Political parties never really enjoys their success of winning the elections but they are moreover happy and enjoys the failures of the challenging parties who lose.

#7. Representative of a Political party is a person who plays with the minds of the innocent public to win their votes & not their hearts.


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